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Megjelent az új Optispray AP01 porpumpa rendszer az új Smart Line Technology-val:

OptiStar® 4.0 GunControl - The benchmark for the efficient gun control

OptiStar 4.0 gun control ensures an optimized application with an exceptional coating result. The new generation of OptiStar presents the proven DVC- and PCC-Technologies and the new Electrostatic App, delivering an intelligent control to provide a seamless link to Industry 4.0.

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Monitor the application and the coating costs with the new Gema App!

The Electrostatic App is an innovative tool that allows you to control the coating process, improving flexibility and efficiency. This makes OptiStar 4.0 a pioneer of Smart Factory Automation for the powder coating facility.

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OptiFlow IG07 - The first choice in injector technology

The new OptiFlow injector ensures even greater long-term consistency and repeatability of the powder flow. The injector's unique single-component cartridge design reduces wear consumption, guarantees a constant powder flow and enables even faster wear part exchange.

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